Overview wheel May 2017 C and C v2 C and D I and C A and F AY


What to expect

An engaging, interactive online learning experience that will get you closer to your clients and colleagues by helping you answer some key questions:

Today's clients don't get much sleep. What's keeping them awake at night and how can you show them that you care?

Clients buy from people they like. Do they get to see the 'real' you?

Clients are wooed frequently and hard. How can you be heard above the noise?

Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. Are your internal networks giving you all that they could?

How can you help your clients go beyond simply coping with change, to seeing it as opportunity?

What you'll get out of the course

  • A different perspective on your clients, your colleagues and yourself.

  • A broader commercial awareness and a suite of practical actions, tips and techniques, tailored just for you.

  • A flexible and safe environment to learn and practice new skills.

  • The chance to join an online community of others who 'dare to be different'.

What happens next?

Download the course brochure (pdf) and pre-register now to hit the ground running from the early release date and to get 30% off the listed course price.

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