Authentically You (iStock)

Clients buy from people they like.

You're much more likely to make a meaningful connection with someone when they enjoy spending time with you.

Consultants who can show genuine passion and enthusiasm make meeting-up a pleasure, not a chore, and they're the ones clients want to see time and again.

In fact, the ability to let your defenses down and get figuratively 'naked' in front of others, is essential to building client loyalty and trust.

Not only that, by getting comfortable showing others who you really are, you'll be much more likely to find yourself doing work that actually matters to you, and much better able to inspire others along the way.

So do not leave the 'real you' in the workplace lobby each morning. Instead, let whatever it is that truly makes you come alive come to the surface, proudly wearing it on your sleeve each and every day.

Asking 'What makes my heart sing?' is a simple way to re-think about what it is that makes you come alive.

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