What could be (iStock)

Great companies don't scramble to adapt to the future, they create it.

Resilience is a very positive thing in a world where change is the new norm. But no company can expect to thrive if they're always waiting until the platform is really burning before doing something about it.

Some of the most exciting clients to work with are those who take a much more proactive approach to thinking about 'what could be?'.

Whether they're a start-up, or an established business keen to shake-off the baggage that comes with being around for so long, they want to be better prepared for the alternative futures and disruptive events that could make or break them.

As consultants we can think now about what these future scenarios might be, what they might mean for our clients, how we stay close to them and how we help them succeed. 

Better still, we can also think about changes to our own teams, our employer, our industries, even our personal lives.

By taking on this lean, agile way of thinking, we can learn to go beyond simply coping with change, to seeing it as opportunity.

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