Online learning for client-facing professionals.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be developing a brand new online suite of learning tools for client-facing professionals.

Our free-to-read articles and structured online learning courses draw on the latest research and ideas across Effective Communication, Collaborative Working, Change and Alternative Futures, and Creativity and Innovation.

Through a host of practical actions, tips and techniques, we hope to help you use your unique talents to:

  • Get heard by clients in a noisy world and inspire them to take action.
  • Give your clients better ideas by collaborating with colleagues who think differently.
  • Spot opportunities for you, your teams and your clients by thinking about the future and what could be.

We proudly beat-the-drum for curious, passionate and authentic people who want to make an impression on the world; so whether your role is in consultancy, technical advisory, sales or leadership, we hope you're inspired to explore a little more...

5 issues keeping your clients awake at night

How to inspire your audience to action

Change and the power of creativity

Self-evaluation: you're better than you think


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